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Mr. Kruse Brandao is Advocacy Partner Secure Digital Identity at NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH. He contributes by participating in the politics panel.

His initial statement for this panel is, that there has to be a discussion about requirements and available solutions but also about challenges on trust, identification, secure communication, data integrity, geo-fencing, sense & avoid and reliability for safe operations of UAVs. Blue prints from other segments running secure solutions on daily basis should help to find guidance. NXP as global leader in embedded processing, sensing, connectivity and security solutions offers co-creation to jointly address and fill the gaps to create winning UAV solutions supporting UAV regulation.  


BUVUS-Team: Mr. Kruse-Brandao, you will be participant in the politics panel. What is NXP’s view on unmanned systems?

Mr. Kruse-Brandao: NXP is a supplier for various products to support the safety of UAVs and therefore the safety of citizens. This global challenge needs the support of all stakeholders. As NXP we feel responsible to support UAV manufacturer and service provider in many applications associated to this challenge. As technology is often mentioned as being the solution to solve many of the upcoming UAV challenges we are often asked by policy makers about available technology but also what is needed in terms of R&D projects like H2020 or SESAR. Here we benefit from our leading position in secure connections as well as connected and automated driving.


BUVUS-Team: What kind of solutions is NXP providing for the upcoming problems in the UAS market?

Mr. Kruse-Brandao: NXP provides a hugh product portfolio for UAVs. This includes a Sensor Fusion Platform with related Microcontrollers, Processors, Electronic Speed Controller, Power Battery Management, Sensors like 3-axis-Gyro, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Pressure und Altimeter, BLE, NFC, Secure UAV-ID, Radar, V2X communication, Secure Communication and Wireless Charging to mention a few.

The combination enables the UAV developers to enable the drone for responsible and safe flying based on latest geo-fencing data, a classified pilot license and access rights where necessary. Vehicle-2-Infrastructure (V2X) communication enable future Unmanned Traffic Management systems to identify UAVs and coordinate the U-Space accordingly, especially in urban areas.

Please also notice that NXP is very open for co-operation in joint R&D projects.


BUVUS-Team: The DFS announced last year, that we have around 400.000 drones in use in Germany. What is your demand if we look at these numbers when it comes to politics?

Mr. Kruse-Brandao:  We need rules and a legal framework for commercial drones on a European level that UAV operators can follow to enable those waiting 250+ commercial use cases. This inlcudes liable identification of UAVs, operators and pilots which fly safe and are - as we speak about connected IoT devices - robust against cyber attacks.

Additionally current R&D funds do not reflect the current awareness for UAV business opportunities. Enhancing the budgets for R&D and real live testing projects will foster the market and the leading position of German and European companies in this still young market.


BUVUS-Team: The German Administration just released a new Air Transport Regulation concerning Unmanned Aircraft Systems. What is your oppinion about that new regulation?

Mr. Kruse-Brandao: The new German Air Transport Regulation is a first step. It was important to have a first regulation in place. In a second step it is necessary to align this with the EASA approach while also taking the new challenges of cybersecurity into account. There is no automated driving of cars without related security as there will be no BVLOS flying of drones without the necessary security in place.


BUVUS-Team: What do you expect from the CeBIT Unmanned Systems & Solutions?

Mr. Kruse-Brandao: As NXP we provide technology for drones and related accessories and infrastructure.

To make reliable systems we need partners like UAV manufacturers, service providers and users to prepare commercial use cases in joint test beds supported by research institutes and administration to create the leading UAV network. Please join our vision!


Thank you for this interview and the answers.


Jacques is in the identification industry for  > 15y. Today Jacques advocates our partners on Security and Privacy in the hyper-connected world explaining the needs and available solutions related to Cyber Security. Before Jacques was in charge of Business Development for Emerging businesses in the field of Cyber Security in the ’IoT - Internet of Things’ focusing on ‘Connected Systems’ like Smart Grid, Smart Metering, Smart City, Smart Home, Building Automation and Energy Management Solutions. His patience is to setup Secure Connections in a smarter World.

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